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Employment Contract Full


Contract of Employment for a Cleaner / Site Supervisor

1.1. Employer’s name and address:
RGS Cleaning Ltd, 96 Hangingwater Road, Sheffield, S11 7ER

Day / Month / Year
Day / Month / Year
and your normal duties will be those appropriate to your job description and the contract specification. It may be that your skills could be better used in another department, or that shortages of staff elsewhere make it essential to use your labor to better advantage. We may at any time transfer you to any part of our business, or require you to do alternative or additional duties, if this is reasonably required for the purposes of our business.

New employees join the Company on a three month probationary period.
During and/or at the end of your probationary period you may be asked to attend employment reviews to discuss your overall work performance. Absence, timekeeping and general attitude may also be taken into account. If the Company is satisfied that you have reached the required standards your permanent status will be confirmed.
If you have not reached the required standards, your employment will be terminated with the required notice.
The Company reserves the right in borderline cases to extend the probationary period, in the hope that a further period will enable you to reach the required standard. A subsequent employment review will be held and a decision made. Your employment will then either be confirmed or terminated with the required notice.

You will be required to report to the area supervisor & site supervisor (if appropriate).

6.1. We may change your usual place of work, or require you to perform your duties in another place, if this is reasonably required for the purposes of our business.
6.2. You will not be required to work outside the UK.

per week are classed as overtime. Overtime must be authorised in advance. You will be paid at the basic minimum rate for the contract or minimum wage if appropriate.

You agree for the purposes of Regulation 4 of the Working Time Regulations 1998 that you will work longer than 48 hours a week on average whenever necessary for the proper performance of your duties and your signature of this agreement confirms your consent. Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by giving 3 months’ prior written notice. This does not affect your statutory rights.

per hour which is paid monthly up to and including the last Saturday in the month to be received into your nominated bank account the following Friday and no later than the Friday after this. Payment is made by credit transfer (BACS payment) unless public holidays affecting banking payments) ONLY.

Queries are handled strictly in the order they are received and must be logged by the Wednesday after you have received your wage, at the latest. Queries received after this time will not be dealt with until the following month.

£9 will be charged to your first wage to cover the cost of regular uniform (i.e. Tabbard or Polo Shirt), etc. On termination of you employment, if it is confirmed that your uniform has been returned (in a suitable condition), this cost will be returned to you. When the items are returned the deducted amount will be paid at the next pay run. Your signature of this agreement confirms your consent to this.

11.1. Your working time is recorded by a system called STAFFCHECK, you must observe the Company’s procedures on the use of the system whilst on customer premises during working hours.
11.2. Only time recorded will be payable – NO TIME SHEETS WILL BE USED.
11.3. If you leave the premises during working hours you must clock out when leaving and clock in upon return. In the interests of health and safety, you must notify your Manager if you need to leave the premises for any reason during working hours.
11.4. You must not clock another employee in or out under any circumstances. Failure to adhere to this procedure will result in disciplinary action.

12.1. The Employer shall be entitled to suspend the Employee’s employment without pay in the event of the Employee refusing to obey a lawful order including (but not restricted to) those given to comply with the Employer’s statutory obligations.
12.2. The Employer reserves the right and the Employee irrevocably authorises the Employer, at any time during the Employee’s employment, or in any event upon termination, to deduct from the Employee’s wages/salary and/or any other monies due to the Employee, an amount equivalent to any of the following:
(i) any overpayment of wages, salary, remuneration or other payment made to the Employee during the course of this employment;
(ii) the amount of any expenses claimed by the Employee and paid but subsequently disallowed by the Employer,
(iii) the outstanding amount of any loan or advance made by the Employer to the Employee; and
(iv) any cost of repairing any damage to or loss of property of, any fines or charges imposed upon or any other loss sustained by the Employer or any third party, caused by the Employee’s breach of contract or breach of the Employer’s rules or as a result of the Employee’s negligence or dishonesty.

13.1. There is no pay for any absences other than Statutory Sick Pay if it is payable.
13.2. You must comply with the terms of our absence from work policy, which is set out in the staff handbook. Failure to comply with this reporting procedure may result in disciplinary action. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with this policy. Also note the following conditions as stated below.
a. If you are absent from work for any reason without the prior authorisation you must telephone your area supervisor before your shift is due to start and every day until we receive a “sick note”. On the third day we require that you also telephone the office and send in an Self certifying fitness to work certificate. If you have not made contact with the office by 9 am on the third day it will be assumed that you have left our employment. If you are absent more than seven days we will require an official fitness to work certificate from you Doctor and at regular intervals until you are deemed fit to return to work or the certificates expire. The company do not pay any company sick pay other than that required by the Statutory Sick pay regulations. There is a maximum period of 28 weeks payment in one period of incapacity for work.
b. Any authorised absence must be properly explained and in the case of absence of uncertain duration you must keep us regularly informed of your situation.
c. If you are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, you will be automatically paid as laid down by the Government. Qualifying days are Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Friday depending on the first day of your week.
d. If you are absent for a period of 90 working days in any period of six months R.G.S. may terminate your employment with immediate effect by notice in writing after due consideration has been taken as to the circumstances.

14.1. The holiday year runs from 1 October to 30 September each year. This is split into two 6 month periods “Period 1” (1st October to 31st March) and “Period 2” (1st April to 30th September).
14.2. Your annual holiday entitlement will be 5.6 weeks per year.

1 days work per week = 5.6 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 0.47 days accrued per month
2 days work per week = 11.2 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 0.93 days accrued per month
3 days work per week = 16.8 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 1.40 days accrued per month
4 days work per week = 22.4 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 1.87 days accrued per month
5 days work per week = 28 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 2.33 days accrued per month
6 days work per week = 28 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 2.33 days accrued per month
7 days work per week = 28 days holiday per year (less any bank holidays) 2.33 days accrued per month
14.3. This entitlement includes bank and public holidays. Employees may be required to work on a statutory bank holiday but with time off in lieu.
14.4. You may not carry forward any unused entitlement to the next holiday year unless you have express written permission allowing this from the Management. You will not be paid in lieu of unused holiday entitlement.
14.5. You are required to give us a minimum of 21 days written notice (taken from receipt in the office) of your proposed holiday dates and we reserve the right to refuse a request having regard to the reasonable requirements of our business. This request must be in writing on the appropriate form, which you can request from the office.
14.6. Not more than two weeks’ consecutive holiday may be taken, at any one time, without express permission from RGS Management respective of days per week worked.
14.7. Not more than two weeks’ holiday may be taken in either Period One or Period Two. Any entitlement left over at the end of the year is forfeit.
14.8. We reserve the right to require you to take holiday on particular dates having regard to the reasonable requirements of our business. We will give you as much notice as we can of any such requirement.
14.9. No holidays can be taken at the same time as another member of staff on your contract without express permission from the Management.
14.10. No holidays may be taken over the Christmas and New Year Period.
14.11. Use of the Company vehicle (if you have such use) is not permitted for personal use during any period of annual leave or holiday unless agreed and authorised in writing by RGS. It will be necessary for you to return the Company vehicle before any holiday period and you will be responsible for this return to head office. You will also be responsible for your journey home and the vehicle’s collection at the end of your leave.
14.12. If you leave our employment, any un-accrued holiday entitlement will be deducted from your final salary for holiday taken without accrued entitlement. This calculation will be based on 5.6 weeks accrued holiday per year, and deducted as appropriate, one example for a five day a week worker is 2.33 days holiday (pro-rata if appropriate) for each complete calendar month of service in the holiday year rounded up or down to the nearest day.
14.13. You will not accrue any contractual holiday entitlement during any period of notice for which you are paid in lieu or during periods of absence exceeding three months in any 12 month period.
14.14. Payment for holidays will be at your normal basic rate under your terms and conditions of employment for your normal hours of work.
14.15. On termination of employment holidays will be calculated in proportion to the full entitlement. If you have taken more than this entitlement the excess holiday pay will be deducted from your final pay.

15.1. The Company does operate a pension scheme and you will be enrolled into an ‘auto-enrolment’ pension scheme if there is a legal requirement to do so under the current pensions legislation. If you are not automatically enrolled into the scheme you may still be entitled to join. Further details will be provided separately.
15.2. A contracting out certificate is not in force.
15.3. The company has a private health scheme. This benefit is offered at the discretion of the Managing Director and details of this can be found in the staff handbook.
15.4. The company has a private Health Cash plane provided by HSBC. This benefit is offered at the discretion of the Managing Director and details of this can be found in the staff handbook.

16.1. Should your conduct or performance fall below the standards required then disciplinary action may be taken. This procedure is designed to help and encourage employees to achieve and maintain the Company’s standards of conduct and performance and should be looked upon as a corrective process.
16.2. A more detailed explanation of the procedure and rules is contained in the Employee Handbook.

17.1. You have the right to appeal at any stage in the disciplinary procedure if you are dissatisfied either with a disciplinary decision made against you or the level of penalty imposed. You should do this in writing to a Director within five days of receiving your confirmation of discipline letter.
17.2. A more detailed explanation of the procedure is contained in the Employee Handbook.

18.1. If you have any grievance relating to your employment, you should raise it with a Manager in the first instance. If you want the grievance to be dealt with formally, you must raise it in writing.
18.2. A more detailed explanation of the formal procedure is contained in the Employee Handbook.

19.1. Notice period to be given by the employee to the employer
Less than 1 month’s service – nil.
Less than 2 years service – 1 week.
2 years’ service or more – 1 week for each complete year of service up to a maximum of 12 weeks.
19.2. Notice period to be given by the employer to the employee
The Company has the right to serve notice of termination of your employment at any time in accordance with the notice provisions below.
Less than 1 month’s service – nil.
1 month’s service but less than 2 years – 1 week.
2 years’ service or more – 1 week for each complete year of service up to a maximum of 12 weeks

20.1. If you leave without giving and working your full notice, any additional cost in covering your duties during the notice period not worked will be deducted from any termination pay due to you.
20.2. The Company may require you to take some or all of any outstanding holiday entitlement that you may have during your notice period.

21.1. It is agreed that the Company may terminate your employment with immediate effect on notification that a payment in lieu of notice is to be made to you. You shall not be entitled to any benefit other than pay or money in lieu of such benefits in respect of any period for which payment in lieu is to be made.

22.1. The Company reserves the right to require you to remain away from your place of employment for all or part of your notice period, with or without work, whether you or the Company gives notice. You must accept that whilst still employed by the Company on notice either at home or on the Company’s premises you must not work for any other company, firm, person or business.

23.1. The Company reserves the right to lay off employees or to introduce short-time working should this be required by a downturn in work or other needs of the business.
23.2. A more detailed explanation of the procedure is shown in the Employee Handbook.

24.1. During the course of your employment you will be party to information concerning the Company, its products and customers. Such information is to be regarded as strictly confidential. You may not disclose or discuss with any other person outside the Company information relating to its business including product information or matters relating to security. Any breach of this condition will render you liable to disciplinary action, which may result in dismissal.

25.1. You shall not for a period of one year from the termination of your employment (and whether directly or indirectly solely or jointly and whether on your own behalf or on behalf of any other person, firm or company), solicit, endeavour to entice or accept the custom of any person who at any time during the period of 12 months prior to the termination of your employment has been a customer or client of the Company and with whom you had business dealings on behalf of the Company, where such solicitation enticement or acceptance of custom relates to the provision of services similar to those which are, could be, or have been, provided by the Company.

26.1. During your employment you will be expected to devote the whole of your working time and attention to the Company’s business and to use your best endeavours to promote the Company’s general interest.
26.2. If required to do so you must provide details of any relationships with any of the Company’s customers or suppliers and comply with any reasonable instructions given to you by the Company on such relationships.

27.1. There are no collective agreements which directly affect the terms of your employment.

28.1. The Staff Handbook contains further details of policies, procedures and practices which apply to all of our employees, but which may be altered by us from time to time.

29.1. We will take all reasonable practical steps to ensure your health, safety and welfare while at work. It is also your duty to take care of your own health and safety and that of your colleagues. You must familiarize yourself with our Health & Safety Policy which is set out in our Staff Handbook and which may be amended from time to time. Accident prevention, health and safety and fire precautions must be practiced in all areas of our business and at all places at which you may be working at our request. You must strictly observe any rules given to you or notified by us in relation to such places of work. You must notify us if you become aware of any unsafe or defective equipment or any dangerous method of work or any other potential hazards at such places of work. If you breach any health and safety rules or procedures you will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

30.1. In order that we may maintain a positive working environment for all employees you may not engage in, or permit another employee to engage in, any discrimination or harassment against another person (whether or not they are an employee) during your employment. If you are aware of such discrimination or harassment you must report it in writing to your supervisor / the office / the Managing Director immediately. You must comply with the terms of our Equal Opportunities and Disability Policies and our Policy against Harassment and Bullying, and where you have supervisory responsibilities you should take reasonable steps to ensure that your staff understand and comply with these policies. RGS Cleaning Ltd – operate a complete non-smoking working environment. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED ON ANY AND ALL OF OUR SITES, OR WHILE WORKING!

31.1. By signing this agreement you give your explicit consent for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 to us holding and processing any personal data, including sensitive personal data, relating to you in accordance with our Data Protection Policy, which is set out in the Staff Handbook. You should familiarize yourself with our Data Protection Policy and comply with it at all times.

32.1. Your appearance should be neat, tidy and appropriate. All work wear is provided by R.G.S. and MUST be worn in working hours. ID/Security Badges must be worn at all time while at work. Appropriate footwear must be worn; no flip-flops or “fashion” shoes.
32.2. You will not discuss any information of a confidential nature relating to R.G.S. or it’s business or trade secrets to any third party whether during your employment or after termination. You will return ALL paperwork (including diaries) i.e. anything and everything that relates to R.G.S. You will not take hard copies or computer disks to copy for your own files unless agreed and these copies will also be returned.
32.3. You must inform us promptly of any change in your address or telephone contact numbers.
32.4. You will devote your whole time, attention and abilities during your hours of work to R.G.S. and will not directly or indirectly undertake any other duties during those hours.
32.5. You will not, without prior consent of R.G.S. engage directly or indirectly in any business or employment which is in any way competitive with the business of R.G.S. outside your normal hours of work for R.G.S., excluding part time workers on condition that they do not attempt to entice the customer away to any other cleaning or janitorial company or take the contract on themselves.
32.6. If you have an incident the terms of the car company policy document come into force. Any excess will be deducted from you wages and by signing this document you agree to the terms of the company car policy document being enforced. The excess at the present time is £250/£500 (respective of the drivers age and time holding a licence). The company car policy is detailed in the staff handbook. Subsequent incidents will result in a higher excess charge (the cost of which will be determined at the time by our insurance company) and may also be dealt with via the company disciplinary process. Evidence of bad/dangerous driving may be treated as misconduct. Any excess charge will be deducted in all cases of vehicle accident, though the company reserve the right not to put an incident through our insurance.
32.7. You will be personally responsible for all property supplied to you. Loss of, or damage to, such property, which cannot be reasonably explained to your supervisor, may be treated as a disciplinary matter. This includes the loss of electrical equipment such as mobile phones and cleaning equipment, the cost of which will automatically be deducted from your wages in all cases.
32.8. For the purpose of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (Part II) you authorise us to deduct from your pay or remuneration any sums you may owe us including (but not limited to) any overpayments or loans made to you by us, or losses suffered by us as a result of your negligence, breach of authority or duty, or breach of any rules relating to your employment. Any money paid for un-accrued holidays will deducted upon leaving. If no notice period is worked 1 week’s money will be deducted from your final wage. If your uniform and mobile phone are not returned to the company the cost will be deducted at the next pay run. This includes any unpaid parking fines, telephone bill deductions etc.
32.9. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to your terms of employment and to the Staff Handbook. You will be notified of minor changes by way of a general notice to all employees. These changes will have effect from the date of the notice. You will be given not less than one month’s written notice of any significant changes and will be deemed to accept them unless you notify us of any objection in writing giving reasons before the end of that period. A copy of the current Staff Handbook is available from the head office.
32.10. In this agreement references to “our business” are references to RGS Cleaning Limited, and the business or businesses we operate and also to our associated, subsidiary or group companies and the business or businesses they operate.
32.11. This agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

33.1 This agreement is now the entire and sole agreement between us and replaces all other agreements or arrangements, whether they were written or verbal, and by signing this agreement you confirm that you accept the terms of this agreement and have not relied on any representations or agreements which are not contained in this document.

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