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Leave with less than 21 days notice

If you require leave and are not able to provide the contractually required 21 days notice, your request will automatically be rejected when it is submitted.  You will receive a response submission to your initial request detailing how to complete an appeal.

You must have completed a normal request for leave first, you can then immediately complete the appeal if you wish.

Please note that only in extenuating circumstances will leave with less than 21 days notice be approved and only then if you can prove that you have taken every measure to try and arrange leave so that it does not interfere with your work.

Leave for appointments that can be arranged outside of your working time, or where 21 days notice could have been provided will rarely be overturned.

You can use this link to submit your initial leave request:-

and you may us this link to submit your appeal, the above form will also provide this link when you have submitted your initial request:-